We believe that design can be a catalyst for change.
Through our design, we hope to achieve new ways of human interaction in our modern framework that will enhance living, working and social experience. 

  • Airwell House

    The project is an inter terrace house located in the lush verdant surrounds of Upper Thomson suburbs, facing the fields of James Cook University.

    Our clients were a couple who had bought the old single storey house as their matrimonial home. The intention was to demolish and rebuild a new house.

    Typical of intermediate terrace houses in Singapore, the frontage is 6m with a substantial depth of 21m.

    Drawing inspiration from the lush greenery in the neighborhood, and the couple’s love for the outdoors, we sought to explore how the light and greenery of the outdoors can be brought to the deep interiors of the house.

    Most intermediate terrace houses are deep and the first instinct is usually to maximize the floor area. The result is the central part of the house remains dark, with only the front and the rear of house enjoying natural light and ventilation.

    Our strategy was to enhance the spaces instead of strictly maximizing it.

    A planting strip is introduced at the front of the house to create a visual green separation from the neighbor. A continuous vertical wall spanning 2 and half stories serves as a potential green feature wall. The living room faces this wall at the 1st storey where one can observe the creeping plants climb to the 2nd storey where the master bedroom resides.

    At the centre of the house, between the dining room and the kitchen, is an air well that is open to the sky. This allows ample light and ventilation to enter the kitchen and makes for an inviting place which the couple can indulge in their love for cooking and entertainment.

    Above the staircase is a generous skylight and we designed an open riser staircase to further enhance the naturally lighted experience.

    The master bedroom faces the front of the facade and we enhanced the outdoor experience with a double volume balcony that spans the entire width of the bedroom.

    In order to mitigate the west directed sun from the frontage, a series of sliding vertical screens were designed. The effect is a striking feature for the house without compromising on the user’s comfort and enjoyment of the outdoors.

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  • Marrison Hotel

    We were commissioned to design the flagship hotel for Marrison Hotel Group in downtown Singapore. The location is in the vibrant Marina Bay Precinct. It is a stone’s throw away from the National Library by Dr. Ken Yeang and the mixed-used South Beach Development by Fosters and Partners.

    Targeting the premium business market, the intent was to make an expression distinct from the series of budget hotels already in operation along the same stretch of road.

    Our strategy was to create articulations on the facade of the building with rising greenery. This would be a series of vertical screens with creeping plants that start from the street level and grows systematically to the roof terrace, thereby encouraging visual interest from the ground level upwards.

    Every floor has a full balcony that maximises the views for the rooms. These balconies allow the hotel guests access to the outdoors; presenting a facade that is interactive and dynamic.

    We envisage that this would make the hotel personable and exciting – distinguishing itself from the neighbouring developments.

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    Our design concept was inspired by the iconic status the Flyer represents. Situated at a strategic location at Raffles Avenue, the Singapore Flyer affords a panoramic view of the city scape.
    At the center of the Flyer was a lush oasis of flourishing plants and greenery. The central green space provided for a visual feast as much as a relaxing and tranquil back drop for shoppers to stroll around the open walkway at its peripheral.
    We saw this green space as a definitive green lung situated in the heart of the Singapore Flyer. Our concept would be to bring this natural setting to the interior spaces of the Guest Lounge and the Ticketing area at the entrance foyer.

    The space was for the purpose of providing a comfortable and classy area for waiting guests. A feature green wall fronts the reception and provides the perfect sense of arrival.
    As an exclusive lounge, our design sought to provide a warm and intimate setting for these guests. The selection of materials, flooring, lights and furniture would be based on a palette of rich natural stone, soothing lights and comfortable lounge furniture for the elite clientele.

    The central ticketing arena was a destination that the public went to for tickets for the flyer and associated recreational services offered at the flyer. It would also house all administration and offices within the space.
    We proposed a central iconic ticketing booth that straddled the existing structural columns. The ticketing booth was designed to reflect similar aspirations of blending with the green surrounds. The facade was tiered with staggering planter boxes that would allow plants to flourish.

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  • Green wall House


    Our Client’s requirements were specific in their response to certain spaces. The living area was to be comfortably spacious  and the dining and kitchen were important social areas both for entertaining friends as well as spending quality time with family.

    In terms of comfort, the bedrooms and bathrooms had to be designed with the user in mind. We engaged the couple as well as their son and daughter in the expression and designation of these spaces.  From the orientation of the furniture in the bedrooms to the selections of finishes and sanitary wares and fittings, we catered to the specific and unique tastes of the children, with an interest for individual expression.


    Our design used a green wall as a buffer zone to detach the house slightly from the neighbouring house, giving an impression of it being detached. The front of the house is articulated with horizontal screens that helped to screen western sunlight whilst at the same time allow for views out from the bedroom

    Green wall

    Green walls acts as a natural air filtration system, removing toxins and releasing oxygen to the environment. It also acts as a subtle noise barrier with its lush greenery.

    We created a 9m tall green wall from the 2nd storey to the open terrace at the attic storey.

    The bathrooms were planned at this location at 2nd and 3rd storey. The green wall grows vertically to reach the level of the open terrace at the attic.

    At the bathrooms, the lushly planted green wall is an the inspiring, refreshing and calming feature wall that greets one as they enter the master bathroom at the 2nd storey and bathroom at the 3rd storey.

    When the glass doors are opened, the bathrooms are  naturally-ventilated. When the doors are closed, the user has full view of the green wall, which is visually refreshing for the user of the shower and long bath.

    A series of vertical timber fins were designed along the length of the  glazing to give a level of screening and privacy for the bathrooms.

    The choice of solid teak wood for the timber fins blended well with the wall of foliage as a backdrop.

    At the attic, the green wall is fully exposed for the full view and enjoyment of the users entertaining and relaxing at the terrace.  The integrated vertical green wall indeed acts as the visual connection for the whole house.

    We enhanced the greenery of the terrace by allowing for a extensive planter box that surrounds the outdoor terrace to the family room and the bathroom.

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