Marriot Bar

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    Interior Design

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    Marriot Hotel, Singapore

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Marriot Bar

Services: Interior Design

Marriot Hotel is located in the prime Orchard road district of Singapore. We were approached to propose for a new bar concept for the Marriot Hotel, Singapore.  Our Clients’ brief was to recreate the ambience of a Japanese whisky bar and restaurant for the discerning urbanite. We were inspired by the New York whisky bar that was famously featured in the Award winning Hollywood film “Lost in Translation”.  However, our location was not situated in a high rise skyscraper with vast views of the city. Hence, we sought to develop the bar as a destination for cosy and relaxed social interactions, bringing back the rich, dark and upholstered interiors to define the space for the bar/restaurant.

The main attraction was the bar counter that took center stage. This would be the space where customers have their drinks whilst having deep conversations with their companions or to glide into their own thoughts whilst enjoying a familiar drink in hand.

The well-known labels would be displayed on glass shelves with warm lighting illumination. The tables were arranged in intimate sessions for the exclusive enjoyment of fine food, drinks and company.

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